We are looking to find new loving and forever homes for the following dogs.

Please email us if interested and include your name and location. We prefer you be located in Ontario (when adopting an adult) and be able to drive down and meet with the available dogs in person. Please provide us with information about the type of dog you are looking for, tell us about your home and family and also the type of environement you will be able to provide to one of these dogs. If the requested information is not provided, we will not respond to your email.


This page was last updated on SEPTEMBER 26, 2022.








Born January 16, 2021

Nakita is a puppy from Cersei and Loki. She is a very happy, sweet and playful girl. She likes to be close to her people. She is not a suitable candidate for a home with children as she is not very fond of them. She is also not the best with other dogs and we will be looking for her to be the sole dog in the household unless with exception to being paired with another Doberman of the opposite sex possibly.

Nakita is a very large and big boned girl. She has a big expressive head with dark eyes and very dark rich rust makrings. She is quite stubborn so will need a firm hand and firm direction.

Nakita does have all basic training. She is house trained. She is very affectionate with those she knows but is a true guard dog and isn't that great with strangers. She will mature at 75-80 pounds.

She will need a home that will give her firm direction and keep her in active training as she would benefit from it. She gets very attached to her people and would love a home where she will become a part of daily activities.

She is cropped and ears are standing.

She is up-to-date on boosters and rabies vaccines.













Born September 22, 2018

Experienced dog home is being sought for this male. He needs an active owner and home. He would excell in obedience and benefit from the relationship it forms between dog and handler.

He needs a job otherwise he gets bored.

Well behaved, very sweet and affectionate with his people.

Cropped and ears standing perfectly.

Must have no other pets or small children and have large dog or Doberman experience.


Serious inquiries only to an active and committed owner.