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Proud owner of - - - - - - - "Countess Di Ravalleses"

From Aaron Bailey of Brampton, Ontario

Being a previous Doberman owner, Iíve had a lifelong passion for dogs and the breed. In 2002, I started thinking about getting another Dobe. I began researching the breed and looking for an excellent breeder with an extensive background within and I found Doberman Di Ravallese. After initially spending hours and essentially days looking at Angelaís site, I decided this was an excellent place to truly begin finding my ideal Dobe.

After visiting Angela and her incredible dogs, I was able to choose with her unparalleled help, a future litter breeding a pup with a culmination of the features and qualities I was searching for. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the pup that came home with me on that day.

Kitana has been a best friend in every sense, but also an angel. Sheís proud, noble, loyal and a prankster and clown all in one. In every facet of my life, Kitana has been amazing. Whether itís walking down the street, going for long car rides, visiting my family, nieces and nephews, she always behaves, making me a very proud owner. A life without Kitana is hard to imagine, and sheís made the life Iíve lived even greater.

Thank you Angela, for every day Iím thankful for Kitana Ė my best friend, my angel Iíve been blessed with.

Aaron Bailey


Proud owner of - - - - - - - "Ravalleses Southern Belle" and "Ravallese's Heartbreaker"

From Matthew Macpherson of Manotick, Ontario

I have always been a cat person. It wasn't until my 33rd year (after enjoying the company of my best freinds Anatolian Sheppard) that I realized I was ready for a dog. Having always loved Dobermanns and having admired my cousins (who is also my vet) Dobermann, I knew this was the breed for me. Being a very diligent researcher, I interviewed all of the reputable breeders in search of my newest family member. After speaking with Angela I knew I had found what I was looking for; morality, professionalism, understanding, but most importantly a person who loves animals as much as I do - something I thought was impossible!

From the moment I adopted Bella we have been joined at the hip. I had never realized the void that existed in my life before having such a wonderful companion. As I live on a very large farm (100 acres) it is paramount that the property be maintained and secured. As if in a perfect partnership, I handle the maintenance and Bella handles the security in a very tidy fashion. If a car pulls over beside the property or a person walks by Bella immediately but respectfully let's them know where the fence line is and awaits my approval or disapproval of the unknown person.

A truly balanced and beautiful dog. She is polite and playful in public (such as at the dog park) and always respectful but playful with other animals including cats. But, "she's no push-over" were Angela's words whilst discussing my potential first dog. And indeed she does not put up with bully dogs or other unjust challenges. She has never backed down from a hostile threat but all the while, her main priority always remains my safety and my command.

I have been so enamoured with my first dog that I have just recently adopted another Dobe from Angela. This time, Angela suggested to bring a male into the mix. I agreed and now Bella and Rommel (aka Ravallese's Heartbreaker) are inseparable. At 8 months he is still a goof ball which is a lot of fun and Bella is helping me teach him the ropes. They are like teenagers in love ; ) Everyone who sees them comments on how beautiful they are but to know their true beauty is to know their personalities, temperament and intellect.

Truly the perfect companions and lifelong freinds, Thanks a million Angela!

Number three Dobermann is currently being considered...keep me posted on future litters!

Matthew Macpherson


Proud owner's of - - - - - - - "CH. Cinderella Di Ravallese"

From John Haddad and Rachel Irvine of Toronto, Ontario

After researching the breed and learning all of their positive attributes and dispelling all the myths associate with the Doberman, we felt they were a perfect fit for us. When considering getting a dog we wanted to ensure all the necessary research and effort went into selecting the appropriate breeder for our new family member. Rachel contacted many breeders and received the impression the dog was the after-thought to the sale. I remember clearly her excitement after she contacted Angela for the first time. Rachel was amazed at the depth of information Angela was willing to provide from a simple e-mail inquiry. Angela took the time to find out what type of environment we would be providing for our potential new puppy. It became instantly clear that Angela put her dogs before any other concerns. Once Rachel made the inaugural visit to Dobermanns Di Ravallese the only decision remaining was, when she brought one home.

We have been fortunate to work closely with Angela for the past 2 years. We attended training sessions, which Angela helped to organize, and attended dog shows across Ontario. Angela was Salemís handler in the show-ring and was able to mould her into the Canadian Champion she has now become. Angelaís dogs provide the best of both worlds. For any family member, friend, neighbour, and especially children theyíre the most affectionate, receptive, and welcoming animals you will ever have. On the other hand when an individual or group approaches that causes you some concern they have an amazing ability to sense your uneasiness and they will take up a protective posture that will discourage 99% of individuals.

Angela answered our thousand and one questions without hesitation. If you ever need to verify Angelaís love and commitment to all of her dogs just be present when any dog returns for a visit or they see her at training. The dogs can barely control their excitement, they all recognize the person that cared for them during those most crucial early weeks.

Salem, along with all of Angelaís dogs are great ambassadors of the Doberman breed. We live in Toronto in a heavily dog-populated area. If any new dog owner enters the park and has reservations due to Salemís presence, before we have a chance to explain her amazing temperament, they are informed at length by other owners who speak in glowing terms of Salemís nature. We have given out many of Angelaís cards to interested passer-bys at dog-shows, in the park, and anywhere we take Salem. The amount of comments we have heard such as: "she is beautiful", "sheís so friendly"Ö.. are staggering.

When the time comes to add a second dog to our home, there will be no debate or hesitation. We have become clients for life. We can say in complete confidence you will only have the most positive experience if you purchase a dog from Dobermanns Di Ravallese.

John Haddad, Rachel Irvine & Salem

(The have now added a red male to their family named Hunter !!)


Proud owner's of - - - - -- - "Fast N Furios Di Ravallese"

From Melanie Hubel & Kelly Morel of Toronto, Ontario

My husband Kelly and I have had the pleasure of going through the selection process of purchasing a family pet from Angela. Firstly I must say that the Doberman was not my first choice in a breed for a family dog. After having the opportunity to speak with Angela about various different topics of owning a Doberman we made an appointment to visit with her and her existing crew, and we both fell immediately in love with the Doberman through Angelaís vast experience with the breed. We were completely taken aback at her love and commitment in raising her own dogs as well as breeding for others. Her genuine care for the animal itself from its specifications to its behaviour and beyond were impeccable.

Kassius our beloved little monkey has turned out to be one of our life's greatest joys. He has thus far lived up to all the expectations we had, and them some. As our personal vet can attest to he is a healthy, personable and a very well rounded boy of 1 year. We continue to keep in touch with Angela through her web-site, phone calls and personal visits. Kassius has boarded with Angela half a dozen times through his first year, AND loves it, he can sense for some reason when we are nearing the "Di Ravallese Home" as he cries for the last 2 miles of reaching it! He really enjoys (as do we) the time he spends with his other family and friends.

Kelly & I have often been stopped while walking Kassius and have referred with the utmost confidence Angela as a breeder to others. We will remain loyal friends and Doberman owners for as long as Angela can provide us with the wonderful, yet sometimes handful, healthy Doberman that we have found in our little buddy Kassius.

Kind Regards,

Melanie Hubel, Kelly Morel & Kassius !


Proud owner of - - - - -- - "Callia Aphrodite Di Ravallese"

From Danny Lynch of Toronto, Ontario

I found out about Dobermannís Di Ravallese from the Dogs in Canada and the Canadian Kennel Club website. I went through their entire website and was very impressed by it and by the dogs they owned. I called the next day and talked to a woman named Angela. We talked awhile and I found Angela to be very nice, honest and knowledgeable about the Doberman breed.

I was so impressed when I went to Angela's place with all the dogs, they were so beautiful, graceful, noble and dignified. I looked at the puppies and one struck my fancy. From the moment I picked her up and looked into her eyes, I knew that was the puppy for me. She was so proud looking with great markings. Aphrodite was the name I had chose for my new puppy. All the puppies had very good qualities and were proud and dignified looking. It was nice of Angela to let me sit among all of them and take my time.

Angela keep up the good work that you are doing for the breed and thank you from the bottom of my heart for little Aphrodite. She has a great disposition and is everything that I wanted in a puppy; smart, noble and elegant. I would not part with her for anything in this world. Aphrodite is the light of my life. Aphrodite is very intelligent, that she was housebroken in one day. I would also like to mention that being in a wheelchair most of the time that my little Aphrodite has brought so much joy to my life. She has brought my up when I was down and has given part of my life back to me, that I thought I had lost. She has also learned very fast to walk perfectly beside me in my wheelchair.

Angela will not steer you wrong in picking out a puppy. She is extremely honest and knowledgeable. I would recommend anybody who is looking for a quality Doberman to contact Angela at Dobermannís Di Ravallese. Please do not look any further than Dobermannís Di Ravallese. You can not go wrong with this Kennel, or Angela.



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