Our Kennel     

~ Our Mission Statement ~

To produce superior Dobermann's.

To preserve the Dobermann's great beauty and stable and loving character.

Health being our priority but striving to produce a Dobermann with a combination of health, longevity, beauty, temperament and character.

To positively promote the breed.

To breed healthy and happy puppies, allowing others to share in the joy and ultimate companionship they provide.


"We do not advocate the breeding or selling of Albino or White Dobermann."




We do not breed our Dobermann for commercial reasons. We breed these dogs because of our great passion and commitment to the breed. Our commitment being to enhance the Dobermann, by breeding health tested parents to produce well bred puppies, ensuring the qualities of health, longevity, temperament, character, beauty and conformation are enhanced or maintained.

We breed from European bloodlines. Our dogs pedigrees include many of Europe's finest, including many World Champions, European Champions, and International Champions, as well as SchH I, II, or III, and/or IPO I, II, or III title holders. You can also find many National, IDC and Euro Club Winners.

Our females are not bred more than once per year. This rest between litters allows our girl's to get back to optimum health, before they are bred again. They are not bred before the age of 18 months. Usually we do not breed our girls until after they have reached the age of two years, allowing them to fully mature physically and mentally. Our stud males are bred sparingly and are not bred before the age of 12 months. Each of our females and studs who we consider for breeding are health tested. This can include testing for Hip Dysplasia, Von Willebrands Disease, Thyroid Disease, Eyes Diseases and Heart Disease. Most of our females and studs have each obtained a CKC recognized title before they have their first litter.

I am actively involved with promoting this breed. Our dogs are shown activley in the obedience and conformation rings. We also participate in Temperament Testing and have ventured into herding !! We have a limited breeding program in which we produce superior bred Dobermann's. We never have more than four litters per year. Sometimes we can have only one or two.





Please choose a breeder carefully. Make sure they health test their breeding stock and strive to produce sound puppies. Ask to see health records, don't just take their word for it !! Be selective and not impulsive. Ask if they offer any health guarantee. Make sure they are active in the positive promotion of the breed and are active with their dogs, no matter what the venue or event.

Know that a well bred puppy is not cheap. You can find many other puppies out there for a lesser price but quality will be sacrficed and your puppy could run into a lot of health problems which in the end will cost you much, much more. Take into consideration what a reputable breeder has done and how much time, money and effort they put into their dogs and producing a litter.

Please be on the alert for people selling or breeding what they call, "Warlock", "King", "Oversized", or "Rare" Dobermanns. If they were reputable breeders they would not be breeding for these undesired traits, as they are not to our breed Standard !!

People who breed for these traits are not interested in upholding the standard and health of this lovely breed. All they want to do is breed these dog's to sell puppies and make money off them :((